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Wednesday, October 1st 2003

The Inverness County Tartan Competition

In the fall of 2003, the Lake Ainslie Weavers and Craft Guild sponsored a competition to design the official district tartan for Inverness County. District tartans reflect geographical areas, and offer a unifying symbol of the people, history, heritage and traditions of a community. These distinct textiles inspire loyalty, linking land and community through symbolic and imaginative use of colour. When worn, tartans honour those who wear them, and silently call all men and women to unite and be proud of the land in which they live.

Entries poured in from across the country, and were displayed and judged by blind jury at the Inverness County Centre for the Arts, in Inverness, Nova Scotia. Ultimately, the winner of the competition was our very own Verna MacMillan! Verna’s tartan entry beautifully symbolized the unity of Inverness County, as it represents all Inverness County residents, without distinction of race, religion, or language.

The Inverness County Tartan is officially registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans, and the Lake Ainslie Weavers and Craft Guild receives royalties from all commercial reproductions of this tartan.

The Sett of the Inverness County Tartan is as follows:

B72 Y8 B8 Y4 R12 G12 R8 G8 R4 K8 B12 W28 B8 W8 B4 W16

(Colour Key: B = Blue, Y = Yellow, R = Red, G = Green, K = Black, W = White)

Verna also wrote a lovely poem to record the colour significance of her winning design:

Inverness County beauty is renowned, Many natural resources abound.
Landscapes and seascapes take one’s breath away. Arts, music, and traditions lead the way.

Blue for honour, ocean, rivers, and lakes, Yellow for friendship and golden oatcakes.
Black for the coal, Cabot Trail, and slow trains.

White for forerunners, peace, and snowy lanes. Green for the splendour of farm fields and hills.
Red for courage, crimson skies and strong wills.

These chosen colours tell a history, Based on facts, folklore and mystery.
Symbols of cultures living side by side, Maintaining customs, heritage and pride